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Biolive was created in April 2002, with the idea to propose full concept parties, be it indoor or outdoor…

All Biolive parties reflect a homogeneous symbiosis of sound, visuals, structures, decoration, line-up, technical installation, location, and so on…
One of our best examples is the TimeGate…Our largest well known event.

One of our aims is to organize small to large parties with a visual and original concept.
But also organize legally with adequate infrastructure, as well as in conditions of security and prevention with a Samaritan accordingly. After 10 years of experience we want to offer parties in good conditions.

Biolive is a non-profit association. All profits are used for the association. For our depot and improve our upcoming events.
We do not expect any employee within the association.

Please check our site regularly and subscribe to the mailing list if you want to get informed :-)

Special Thanks to all the people working with us and supporting our team!!!
(=See you on the dacefloor and have fun =)