TIMEGATE 2017 reported to 31th December 2017 in a new location

Dear friends, artists and audience. Since 2002, Biolive organized Timgate NYE festival in Porrentruy. Now, Biolive can’t produce the next edition of Timegate2017 NYE Festival in Porrentruy / Switzerland.  The new owner say initially yes for a next edition and finally they change their plans and we cannot do anymore there! Biolive want organize a NYE festival Timegate 2017-2018 in another location in Switzerland. Thanks to everyone who has been following us over the years, we’re getting something even better ready for you for next year. Porrentruy is a part of the past and we hope that a new page, a greatest one, will be written for the next year.

Big thanks to the Biolive familly.

Thanx to all of you stay tuned. Take care of yourself.

TimeGate 2017

Dear audience, dear artists, dear technicians, dear helpers. Since 2002, we have been producing the NYE Timegate festival in Porrentruy / CH with passion, energy and heart. We inform you that we can’t produce the next edition of Timegate2016 Festival in Porrentruy.

The new owner has other plans and we respect his choice. We want to organize a festival edition of Timegate2017 in another location in Switzerland. Thanks to everyone who has been following us over the years, we’re getting something even better ready for you for next year to keep this unique concept . Stay tuned and take care of yourself. Next compilation : TimeGate Symbiosis 2015, compiled by dj’s Mercury Fall, Spiral Hand & Mizoo, soon on Moonloop records. Enjoy.

The biolive team ./°

Let’s go Timegate Symbiosis!

Let’s go! Timegate is ready to open! And the installation is really nice! we will have a Just an amazing new year. Share it and see you there!
We have still tickets on presales and on location
See you tomorrow

Ready for the party!

Montage goes well, the atmosphere is fun and the mainfloor and second floor are well advanced!

It promises a superb edition this year!

More news :

For a better price, take your presales. and think to come early enough not to miss the midnight show!
See you there!

Timegate Symbiosis Trailer

Timegate is almost here!

Mounting begins shortly. The brand new decorations are almost ready completed, Artists looking forward to come, and we, on the starting blocks with the trucks ready to go!
This year we will provide a visual installation of 30 meters wide! With a High quality show of light / Laser / Video, Timegate have usual to provide!
Superb sound quality, loan Vjs to make us dream and a Stage design worthy of the name. A beautiful edition promises!
With first class artists with Sub6, ManMachine, Nerso, Zen Mechanics, Zentura, Astropilot, Beat Bizarre and many more!
And a great team that gives everything she could to make their dream possible to spend new year in good company.
We are aware that there are a lot of parties this year at 31, but quality Timegate there is only one!
See you the 31 on the dance floor full of confetti;)

Keep you posted about Timegate on Facebook Timegate page and Event Timegate Symbiosis :

TIMEGATE 2015 Presales have started!

Presales have started! Buy your ticket without further delay.

TIMEGATE 2015 Presales

TIMEGATE 2015 Symbiosis

Dear audience.
After 10 editions of Timegate festival, we decided to have a break this year 2014. Well no ! We’ve changed our minds. We propose for the night of December 31, 2014, an edition called Timegate 2015 – Symbiosis. One night with a main floor (progressive & psy trance) and a parallel floor (downtempo, progressive, techno, deep trance). We carry a whole new visual project in frontal stage edition never seen before.
We hope you will enjoy the whole of our festival and take care of yourself.

TIMEGATE 2015 Symbiosis

An incredible 10th anniversary of the TimeGate festival, THANK YOU ALL! What an unforgettable moment of sharing!

10 years of adventure and passion, where the whole Biolive team is to be thank warmly, full of energy, talent, and devotion for this event which will remain a reference of psy-trance scene.
In short all these years, thousands of people from all countries of the world were able to share these incredible moments that will remain etched in everyone. Sharing, arts and music have always been the drivers of these universes created by Biolive team; performers who made us dreamed, the decorations each more daunting and visual and light show which we crossed Eve full of joy and heat! Again thank you to all the staff, music artists, Decorators, performers, VJ, Managers and all those who participated in any way in the event.

Send us your reviews, photos & videos on the wall https://www.facebook.com/Timegatefestival
or by sending us a email at info@biolive.ch

We will collect and share in order to further extend its somewhat unforgettable.

TIMEGATE 10th Edition

TIMEGATE 10th Edition is open !!

Tickets are available at main entry.