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December 07, 2012


TimeGate 360

  • 1. Around You | Mnnsk & Mizoo
  • 2. The Place of Secrets | Flow Box
  • 3. Dr. Who | Loud
  • 4. Rezolve | Ghost Rider
  • 5. Galaxy Travel Via TimeGate | Waio
  • 6. Spektrum | Attik (Mexico)
  • 7. Mystic | Middle Mode
  • 8. In Motion (Good morning edit) | Solar Fields
  • 9. Conditioned | Aes Dana

For the 9th edition of their “Timegate” NYE festival in Switzerland, Biolive is proud to present “Timegate 360”, a compilation featuring Swiss and International artists. An ambient debut with mnnsk & mizoo followed by a progressive turn by Flow Box, Loud and Ghost Rider leading to a psytrance flight with Attik, Waio and Middle Mode and an atmospheric epilogue by Solar Fields and AES Dana. Selected by Cyril Miserez aka Mizoo, a passionate dj since 1992. Mastered by Vincent Villuis aka AES Dana at Ultimae Studio. Enjoy the Music!