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(Porrentruy, Jura, Switzerland)


Location Porrentruy

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Capacity : This year we modify the infrastructure, we have more space than last years.

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Short Infos :

From 2003-2004 we make the timegate is this location, why here ?
This area (Jura) is really beautiful, nice people and far of big cities.
Carpet on the floor, 4 floors, big dancefloor... so what else ?

We have a new floor in Timegate, a second chill zone.
Hope you will appreciate this area.

30th dec to 31th dec 20:00 : FLOOR 2 (Full on - Dark to Prog-Chillout) + CHILL ZONE and CHILL ZONE 2
31th dec 20:00 to 1st dec open end : MAINFLOOR + FLOOR 2 (Prog - Chillout) + CHILL + CHILL ZONE 2



(E27/A16) exit « Porrentruy-est»,
turn left at the
1st and 2nd round abouts
(=Kreisverkehr/rond-point, direction

and then follow the signs...

FR :
Autoroute (E27/A16) Sortie " Porrentruy-Est ", Tourner à gauche au 1er et 2ème rond
point, direction Biel/Delémont et ensuite suivre les signes...

From international : Check

Depuis la France : Check
Autoroute jusqu'à Montbéliard ou Bâle-Mulhouse, ensuite suivre Porrentruy (direction Delémont)
Autoroute (E27/A16) Sortie " Porrentruy-Est ", Tourner à gauche au 1er et 2ème rond
point, direction Biel/Delémont et ensuite suivre les signes...

From Germany : Check
Go to Basel and then follow Porrentry (direction Delémont)

From the German/Italian part of Switzerland : Check
Go to Basel or Biel (you know better than we which is the shortest from your home ;-) . From Basel, follow Porrentruy ; From Biel, follow Delémont and then Porrentruy.

Depuis la Suisse Romande :
Allez jusqu'à Bienne, puis suivre Delémont, puis Porrentruy.




Eng : Shuttle Bus from the train station from 19h00 to last train
Fra : Shuttle bus depuis la gare début : 19h00 jusqu'au dernier train

From Porrentruy station, go to the left.
At the first round about go straight ahead,
and then
turn left at the 2nd round about
(in front of the 'Coop')
. At the third round about,
straight ahead (direction Biel/Delémont)
and then follow the signs...

More infos : or

Fra : Demandez un plan horaire à la gare la plus proche.
Eng : Ask a timetable at the nearest train station.


Shuttle Bus infos :

Infos :
The party is about 25minutes by feet from the trainstation. Easy to find
But we have a shuttle bus to bring you to the party.

2 Sort of shuttle (CarPostal - Shuttle)
CarPostal (2chf)
Shuttle (free)


30th december :
Shuttle : From 19h to the last train (Small Shuttle)

31th December :
Shuttle (15people): Night From 17h to the last train -NOT REGULAR
CarPostal (150people): 19h to the last train (2chf) - REGULAR

To go back to the trainstation :
We will do some journeys during the day, more infos at the entrance and food shop (Chill out floor)


(= Informations about sleeping in or around Porrentruy =)

During the day of 31th , the "Floor 2" will be the Chill-out for people that want to sleep,
and we will install some sofa and matress to chill inside =)


You can find good prices (from 20chf by night to ...)

Here you can see the list of hotels in porrentruy :
Hostels (16 entries)
Youth Hotel (2 entries)

Here you can find some Open hotels in or around porrentruy : (The list is not complete)

Belvédère Pascal Nicole et Maurice
rte de Bure 61
2900 Porrentruy
Téléphone 0041 (0)32 466 25 61
Fax 0041(0)32 466 25 53

l'hôtel restaurant pizzeria Grambinis
Téléphone 0041 (0)32 466 12 51
beetween train station and party
Good deals from 30 to 31.
Suggest from a traveler

Le Lion d'Or Burgunder Fabrice
hôtel, restaurant
rue des Malvoisins 12
2900 Porrentruy
Téléphone 0041 (0)32 467 13 77
Fax: 0041 (0)32 466 71 91

Hôtel du Jura Bernard Maurice
Sous la Forêt 48
2933 Damphreux
tél : 0041 (0)32 474 41 85

Bellevue Burgunder Fabrice
rte de Belfort 46
2900 Porrentruy
Téléphone 0041 (0)32 466 55 44
Fax: 0041 (0)32 466 71 91

le Chênois
L'Hôtâ 52c
2856 Boécourt
Téléphone 0041 (0)32 426 75 94

Hôtel de la Cigogne
rte Principale 35
2946 Miécourt
Téléphone 0041 (0)32 462 24 24
Fax 0041 (0)32 462 24 62

Hôtel du Cheval Blanc
rue du 23 Juin 15
2900 Porrentruy
Téléphone 0041 (0)32 465 15 15
Fax 0041 (0)32 465 15 16



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