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30th December 2012 to 1st January 2013
Porrentruy – Switzerland

Our long awaited evening of New Year begins a version that will make you head spin!
A 360 ° edition, never seen at Timegate.
And that promises high quality of both sound and visuals !


2 Nights !
2 floors the 30th and 3 floors the 31th !
Start 30th : 20h – End 1st : 18h
31th the cash desk/presales open at 18h.


20 live acts
35 Dj’s
7 Deco teams
5 vj with Mapping
Lot of Performances by night
Laser show and unique technic installations by

Different Food inside and outside
Only closed water allowed
Smoking area inside and outside / Non smoking area inside

Special animations during the night…
Remember !! Come Before midnight (0h00) Because,  if not, you will lose some great animations !!! :)
And to be sure to be inside in time !
The best is to come at 18h to avoid the queues. And take your presales!

Huge Sound installation for 360° from L-Acoustics !!

Stands :
Stands are welcome, send a e-mail to :


Some practical information : ( frequently asked questions )

Entry age limit:
Past 18 years or with parental consent (paper giving permission signed by
parents) orentered with a responsible person and major.

Sticker highway:
In Switzerland, we have no highway toll . But a sticker that costs 40 .-
(buying gas stations or border) which allows the use of the highway in Switzerland.
Porrentruy is close to the border. So if you arrive in France by Porrentruy , pass on the roads , you’ll save the sticker’s fee.

Snow wheels and chains :
Porrentruy is located 423m above sea level
The weather conditions are difficult to predict but it is not the mountain either.
Winter tires are not obligatory in Switzerland. But for your safety and according to the weather it is advisable to have them.
Chains as well. You never know .