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VORTEX 2008 – Halloween Party ! 2008-11-01 / 2008-11-02

VORTEX 2008 – Halloween Party !

Biolive present a Special Halloween. A good excuse to dance on a psykedelic floor through
a unusual deko and light !
After a Psykedelic night of Halloween engaged by Digitalist, Para halu and more,
The morning will groove with nice full on with Liquid ross and Progy with Bi-molecular.

(= Don’t forget ! Special Dressing are welcome =)


PARA HALU (Psylife Music) / HU

DIGITALIST (Dopout Production) / CH

FROMEM ORY (Liquid Rec.) / UK


LIQUID ROSS (Liquid Rec.) / UK

Meenakshi (Somatribe) / CH

DVX (Biolive)

Psykedelipst (Biolive)

Bi-Molecular (Aphonix rec / Somatribe) / CH

Mizoo (Ultimae rec.) / CH

Break (Onehour) / CH

PSY Deco

Rub (Biolive)
Psyguana Invasion (FR)
and friends…

PSY Video

DPS Design (CH)
Teratone Vision (CH)



CulturArena (Biberist, Solothurn, Switzerland)
Emmenstrasse 3 / 4562 Biberist (Solothurn)
Infos : 20min. From Biel / 2min. From Trainstation

Laser Show by Impact Vision
Stage and Light Show by Biolive
Jugglers are welcome

Special Dressing Welcome =)
Start 21h to 14h.
Break beetween 4h and 5h !
Food & Drinks / friendly Shops
Good Sound System – Funktion one !
No glass bottles and no dogs please

Informations :

Location :


Start: 2008-11-01 / 21h00
End: 2008-11-02 / 14h00
Price: 35CHF / 22€


All the people working for the party and all people on the dancefloor !!! THANKS