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An incredible 10th anniversary of the TimeGate festival, THANK YOU ALL! What an unforgettable moment of sharing!

10 years of adventure and passion, where the whole Biolive team is to be thank warmly, full of energy, talent, and devotion for this event which will remain a reference of psy-trance scene.
In short all these years, thousands of people from all countries of the world were able to share these incredible moments that will remain etched in everyone. Sharing, arts and music have always been the drivers of these universes created by Biolive team; performers who made us dreamed, the decorations each more daunting and visual and light show which we crossed Eve full of joy and heat! Again thank you to all the staff, music artists, Decorators, performers, VJ, Managers and all those who participated in any way in the event.

Send us your reviews, photos & videos on the wall
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We will collect and share in order to further extend its somewhat unforgettable.

TIMEGATE 10th Edition

TIMEGATE 10th Edition is open !!

Tickets are available at main entry.



1. The motorway vignette costs 40 CH / 32 euros. It is valid for 1 year. If you arrive in Switzerland by a French highway, you pass customs and arise by a Swiss motorway, you will need to purchase the sticker. The sticker is valid for one calendar year. Or, more simple solution, go back to Switzerland by a national or provincial road . Look on google roads leading to Porrentruy. Some are not highways but free roads. Welcome in Switzerland.

2. December 31, 2013, from 18h to 01h in the morning, to avoid too much crowd at the entrance of the festival, the hustle, the unnecessary waiting and hysterics, the exit be final. That’s mean that you will need to buy a new ticket in order to come in again. From 01h00 to end of the event, the entry and exit is open again.

Thank you for your understanding.

Biolive team! welcome again & enjoy!

1 prévente = 1 CD Offert !!!


Plus que 14 jours de préventes.

Profitez de l’offre : 1 billet acheté en prévente = 1 CD Compilation Timegate Festival 10th offert.

Suisse: Starticket

★ le 30.12.2013

★ le 31.12.2013

★ les deux nuits International : Weezevent



Presales | Préventes:
★ Until 31.10: 30.12 (Chf 35) (30€) | 31.12 (Chf 67) (56€) | 2 nights (Chf 80) (67€) (Limited series!)
★ Until 30.11: 30.12 (Chf 39) (33€) | 31.12 (Chf 72) (60€) | 2 nights (Chf 85) (71€) (Limited series!)
★ Until 27.12: 30.12 (Chf 43) (36€) | 31.12 (Chf 79 (66€) | 2 nights (Chf 93) (78€) (Limited series!)

Suisse: Starticket
★ 30.12.2013

★ 31.12.2013

★ 2 nights

International : Weezevent

Timegate 360 Pictures

Finally the photos of Timegate 360. 4 photographers pics + a selection of the best photos.
Thank you all for participating in this project
And thank you to all the staff who worked on this project, Artists, managers, and volunteers .. A lot of work to make this edition a success.
After our debriefing, we have full of improvements.
We are delighted for the next 2013-2014 anniversary edition! Timegate 10th! and yes, 10 years already ;)

Gallery TimeGate 360

And now, Timegate is closed…

And now, Timegate is closed .. We are very proud to announce that one more time Timegate was a success.
Successful project, excellent public, great atmosphere, great artists, great staff, a real pleasure.
It was always full of things we would like to improve and it is our goal for each edition.
Thank you to you for coming, and thank you to all the volunteers who have and are still working hard to make the festival going. We are already looking forward for the next event.
Photos and videos will be online as soon as possible .. but here are some pictures and a story of Remy Lucas.

Tickets at the doors !

The presales are closed since the 27th Dec. Now we sale the tickets at the entrance. We have a lot of tickets still to sale, most of them are at the entrance!

Think to come early to avoid the queues.

We still working on this crazy project, see you there!

Infoline : ++41 78 622 60 84

J-1 Before the end of the presales !

J-1 Before the end of the presales !

Save time at the entrance and enjoy an attractive price!

The installation began on Dec. 21 .. it is going well .. a great festival is taking place =)

TimeGate 360 Linup

).)) 30.12.12 ((.(

°°° second_ floor °°°
dark psy, psy trance, progressive

21h00–23h30 Cosinus
23h30-01h30 psykedelipst
01h30-02h45 aragorn – live
02h45-04h15 mole – live
04h15-05h45 atriohm – live
05h45-07h15 illegal machines – live
07h15-09h00 dharma
09h-11h infx
11h-13h terranostra
13h-15h animal
15h–17h lefty & mubarek
17h-18h – break

).)) 31.12.12 ((.(
°°° second_ floor °°

18h-20h cropsy
20h-22h actarus
22h-00h30 tajmahal
00h30-01h45 phaxe – live
01h45-02h45 funky dragon – live
02h45-04h ghost rider – live
04h-05h15 nerso – live
05h15-06h30 d-root – live
06h30 – 08h30 martin
08h30-09h45 flow box – live
09h45-11h hypnos – live
11h-13h psychophonic
13h-15h mercury fall
15h-18h animal & friends

).)) 31.12.12 ((.(
°°° main floor 360 °°°
psy-trance & progressive

21h-23h intro by djane gaby
23h-23h58 mizoo
23h58-00h03 countdown & special show
00h03-01h15 magneto – live
01h15-2h30 attik – live
02h30-4h ajja – live
04h-06h toto
06h-07h45 boom shankar
07h45-9h waio – live
9h-10h15 middle mode – live
10h15-11h45 dvx
11h45-13h15 loud – live
13h15-15h1 aes dana
15h15-16h30 solar fields – live
16h30-18h outro by mizoo

).)) 30.12.12 ((.(
°°° parallel_floor °°°
ambient, electronica, morning trance

20h00 – 22h45 mnnsk – live & dj set
22h45–24h bastoR – live
24h-01h30 mizoo vs unseen
01h30-3h30 mahiane
03h30-5h30 aes dana
05h30-07h30 tajmahal
07h30-09h30 infrastructure
09h30-11h30 marco
11h30– 16h mystical impact
16h-19h ekosystem

).)) 31.12.12 ((.(
°°° parallel_floor °°°
downtempo, tech’house, progressive

19h-21h sleepy
21h – 23h fafa
23h-01h00 break
01h-03h djane gaby
03h-05h planton sonore
05h-07h astro boy
07h-09h prof M.
09h-11h locomotiv
11h-13h hom x
13h-15h armonix
15h-18h mystical impact & friends