Buy Presale ticket for Timegate Aquatic World

Timegate is almost here!

Mounting begins shortly. The brand new decorations are almost ready completed, Artists looking forward to come, and we, on the starting blocks with the trucks ready to go!
This year we will provide a visual installation of 30 meters wide! With a High quality show of light / Laser / Video, Timegate have usual to provide!
Superb sound quality, loan Vjs to make us dream and a Stage design worthy of the name. A beautiful edition promises!
With first class artists with Sub6, ManMachine, Nerso, Zen Mechanics, Zentura, Astropilot, Beat Bizarre and many more!
And a great team that gives everything she could to make their dream possible to spend new year in good company.
We are aware that there are a lot of parties this year at 31, but quality Timegate there is only one!
See you the 31 on the dance floor full of confetti;)

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