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TIMEGATE 2017 reported to 31th December 2017 in a new location

Dear friends, artists and audience. Since 2002, Biolive organized Timgate NYE festival in Porrentruy. Now, Biolive can’t produce the next edition of Timegate2017 NYE Festival in Porrentruy / Switzerland.  The new owner say initially yes for a next edition and finally they change their plans and we cannot do anymore there! Biolive want organize a NYE festival Timegate 2017-2018 in another location in Switzerland. Thanks to everyone who has been following us over the years, we’re getting something even better ready for you for next year. Porrentruy is a part of the past and we hope that a new page, a greatest one, will be written for the next year.

Big thanks to the Biolive familly.

Thanx to all of you stay tuned. Take care of yourself.