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Aslak – Live

Aslak’s story started in 1997 when he discovered the world of trance, techno and free parties. Since then, his love for electronic sounds, turntables, synthetizers and alternative parties just got bigger and bigger. After 6 years of DJ sets through Switzerland and Europe, Aslak presented his first Liveact in 2006. Aslak’s inspirations come from many accoustic and electronic styles, sounds of nature and others various and strange noises. But the main goal always remained the same : bring high energy and big smiles to the dancers ;) Official releases includes compilations on Moonloop Records and 2to6 Records. His love for the psytrance scene also brought him to co-found different music and/or party related organisations such as Biolive and Primitif-Workshop. ! Let the dancefloor live forever!

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