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TimeGate 05 – First pictures

There is the first pictures
If you take pictures or videos, please contact us to thanks !

Coming soon more pictures and videos…

Happy New Year !!!

Thanks to all people been to TimeGate 05 ! We are very happy to did the new year with all of you. Thanks to staff working 9 days non-stop.

sorry for the sound, we had 2 amps crash 2 hours before the party… and some problems, next time we will take care.

Thanks for all your messages

(=Pictures and other coming soon. =)
Please send your pictures and videos


There’s no reservation aviable for TimeGate. There’s enough capacity for ~ 2’500 people. So there will be enough tickets at the door.


For bed and breakfast or hotel informations see the guestbook timegate05 :
click here

Shuttle bus

(: Shuttle bus from train station confirmed :)
check the train table time to know when you arrived

News for TimeGate 05

NT2 (Jugglers) will come for a great show of juggle !!
Please come before midnight (0h00) because if not, you will lose some great animations !

First Pictures of Antidote 04

First Pictures of Antidote 04. Next coming soon…

If you have pictures of the party, send it to :
ch. des sources 56
1400 Yverdon

Post your report to the Antidote’s Report

Big thanks

TimeGate 2005

Ready for new year ? ready to have a good time ?
We are impatient to be to the TimeGate 05.

We offer a beer or a tchaï with the entry :)

Maybe some pictures of the building before the party.

See you there ;)

Antidote 04 – November 20th 04

We are proud to present our Next party : Antidote 04 – November 20th 04

Like all our parties, we will make a great decoration with a collaboration of all friends like Nils-Cosmik’art and other. Our guest will be Mekkanikka from Spain. We our impatient to show you our concept.

See you there.. Biolive Team

There is all infos and flyers of the party

All infos about Timegate 05, our new year event, coming soon…

Next Biolive’s events

After the Biolive’s birthday, we are looking for our next events.
We would like to make 2 parties.

one the November 20th 2004 and
our most popular event : TIMEGATE 05 (December 31st 2004)

(: More news coming soon.. :)

For all propositions, contact